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UGG Boots CLASSIC SHORT suede lambskin KJktYQ3p
UGG Boots CLASSIC SHORT suede lambskin
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Daily Updates - Mods currently in testing [Console/PC]

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Post by Lisertan » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:01 am

Hey there, this thread will show you the mods that are currently in testing with our QA team. What's this all about? Before a mod is uploded to our ModHub, it needs some testing. We need to ensure that it works as it should, does not break anything ect. Our QA team (you might know them from the Bug forums) is testing several mods at any given time. Once they finished the test, you will see the Mod on ModHub (unless it failed the test of course). This thread should give you an overview about the mods currently in testing. A few things worth noting: Our QA team is currently testing the following mods: [PC] SMS LV 520T [PS4|XB1] Fendt 1050 Vario [PS4|XB1] Seasons GEO: Minnesota USA [PS4|XB1] Tuscan Lands [PS4|XB1] Siloking AE 1800 [PS4|XB1] Stoll Super 1 [PS4|XB1] PGR Sliwno [PS4|XB1] Powerful Spotlights [PS4|XB1] Lone Oak Farm Number of mods waiting to be tested: 40 LG Lis
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Post by Lisertan » Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:50 pm

and update
Lars 'Lisertan' Malcharek Community Manager ―Grand Admiral Thrawn to Captain Gilad Pellaeon

Post by Lisertan » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:59 pm

FarmCon week whoohoooo Update 1
Lars 'Lisertan' Malcharek Community Manager ―Grand Admiral Thrawn to Captain Gilad Pellaeon

Post by Lisertan » Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:52 pm

This has to be used in conjunction with a Fortran compiler: the configure code will remove -lgcc from FLIBS , which is needed for some versions of gfortran .

The current out-of-the-box default for clang++ is to use the C++ runtime from the installed g++ . Using the runtime from the libc++ project ( , Fedora RPM libcxx-devel ) via -stdlib=libc++ has also been tested.

As from clang++ 6.0.0 the default C++ standard is C++14, which R’s configure also uses when C++11 is requested. Compatibility with earlier releases can be obtained by using

in . These are desirable when checking packages, to ensure as far as possible that features from later C++ standards are not used unintentionally.

Recent versions have (optional when built) OpenMP support. 71

There is a project called flang ( )) to develop a Fortran compiler similar to clang but based on the Portland Group’s front end. This needs something like

and in earlier versions of R it may be necessary to set

Note that flang accepts all the flags which clang does (the driver is a modified version of clang , and flang is a symbolic link to clang ), but does not implement all of them for Fortran compilation: it also accepts most PGI-style flags such as -mp for OpenMP. It currently produces few diagnostics even with -Wall -pedantic .

flang ’s Fortran runtime is compiled against OpenMP and it seems this conflicts with using OpenMP in R. So it may be necessary to disable the latter by configuring using --without-openmp .

It is not clear what architectures flang intends to support: our experiments were done on ‘ x86_64 ’.

Previous: Clang , Up: Linux [ Contents ][ Index ]

Intel compilers have been used under ‘ ix86 ’ and ‘ x86_64 ’ Linux. Brian Ripley used version 9.0 of the compilers for ‘ x86_64 ’ on Fedora Core 5 with

configure will add ‘ -c99 ’ to CC for C99-compliance. This causes warnings with icc 10 and later, so use CC="icc -std=c99" there. The flag -wd188 suppresses a large number of warnings about the enumeration type ‘ Rboolean ’. Because the Intel C compiler sets ‘ __GNUC__ ’ without complete emulation of gcc , we suggest adding CPPFLAGS=-no-gcc .

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